Skotti - Ultra compact grill
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SKOTTI – Ultra compact gas grill

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Skotti is different from other grills. You no longer need to carry coal bags or heavy parts. Just put it together - and you are done. You grill, no matter when, where and how. You will be thrilled and make new friends where ever you setup your Skotti.

For us, gas is and remains the best, fastest and most environmentally friendly way to grill. But Skotti would not be Skotti if it was not spontaneously open to other solutions as well. Just remove the burner tube and radiation plate and use your Skotti with coal or wood.

Product Details
  • Light and compact - weighs only 3kg and fits in a 25L backpack
  • Fast - assembled and disassembled in just one minute; heats up fast and cools down quickly
  • Two-zone grill - keep your food warm on the front part of the grill grate
  • High quality - sustainably made from high quality stainless steel
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe (except for the burner tube and gas hose with regulator)
  • Clever - unfolded tarpaulin bag doubles as a mat for your Skotti to catch drippings
Product Dimensions
  • Weight: 3.3kg including the tarpauline bag
  • Assembled: 33,6x21,9x17,6cm
  • Packed: 45x30x3,5cm
  • Power: 2,3–2,5kW
  • Gas consumption: 172–187g/h
  • Gas cartridge: EN 417 screw gas cartridge with 7/16 x 28 UNEF-thread. We recommend Primus Power Gas or Winter Gas 450g Propane/Isobutane mixture cartridges (not included).
What’s included

Six 1mm stainless steel elements for the grill body, one 3mm stainless grill grate, one burner tube, one gas hose with regulator and one heavy-duty tarpaulin bag.

English and German Assembly, Operating and Maintenance Instructions will be included in the confirmation email when you place an order.

The burner tube and gas hose are located in the middle pockets.

Our Tip !
Add a Gas cartridge pack to your Skotti order now, and save on shipping.
Add Gas Cartridge Pack

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